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CFU Series Cooling Tower - Counterflow - Film, Splash, or Ceramic Tile Fill - Double Wall
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CFU Series Cooling Towers

Who said cooling towers had to be eyesores? The aesthetically pleasing CFU tower design blends easily into its architectural surroundings while delivering an industrial cooling punch.

The CFU tower design is the thorough bred of the cooling tower industry. With its sleek tower appearance and flexible fill capabilities, this tower finds itself at home from the most extreme industrial applications to the most refined HVAC commercial settings. This versatile tower can be equipped with high-efficiency or low fouling film fills, splash fills, or even ceramic tile fill. Regardless of your water quality or cooling requirements, the CFU Series tower can be outfitted to meet your every cooling need.

The low-profile smooth casing appearance does not draw attention to the tower itself and blends easily into its architectural surroundings. Additionally, the CFU Tower can be supplied in custom colors to provide a less industrial appearance.